Corn Management Resources

Corn (Zea mays L.) grown in Kentucky is used for livestock feed (50 percent), food, distilled spirits, and fuel ethanol. Corn is grown in every county in Kentucky, with a major portion of the acreage in Western Kentucky. A small percentage of corn is grown for silage. 



Commodity corn production

White and Food Grade Corn

Organic Corn Production


Popcorn Production


The links below are to universities with years of experience with irrigation:
Nebraska: Ag Irrigation Page - University of Nebraska
Georgia: University of Georgia Irrigation Resources

Missouri: University of Missouri Irrigation Resources

Damage Assessment

Diseases & Mycotoxins

Insect Pests

ID and Scouting

Insecticide Recommendations

Bt Corn

Stored Grain Insects

Harvest, Storage & Handling

Grain Storage Website (UK Biosystems and Ag Engineering)
Grain and Energy Calculators (BAE)
Trends in the Stored Grain Management - Summer 2019

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