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Soft red winter wheat, produced on about 500,000 acres in Kentucky is a critical rotation and cash flow crop: corn is followed by wheat, which is followed by doublecrop soybean.  This rotation dictates several breeding objectives, among them early maturity and Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance.  With the advent of intensive management technology, Kentucky's farmers have become experts at producing high quality, high yield crops.  A strong wheat industry infrastructure in the form of theKentucky Small Grain Growers AssociationSiemer Milling, Inc., Hopkinsville Milling, Bremner Bakeries, and Wheat Tech wheat consultants along with the UK Wheat Science group makes Kentucky the place to grow wheat!



Crop Management

ID-125: A Comprehensive Guide to Wheat Management in Kentucky

Entire Document html :: pdf (4mb)

  1. Introduction :: pdf

  2. Growth and Development :: pdf

  3. Cultural Practices :: pdf

  4. Planting and Drill Calibration :: pdf

  5. Fertilizer Management :: pdf

  6. Weed Management :: pdf

  7. Disease Management :: pdf

  8. Insect Pests :: pdf

  9. Economics of the Intensively Managed Wheat Enterprise :: pdf

  10. Harvesting, Drying and Storing :: pdf

  11. Supplement pdf

Small Grains Production Research

Disease Management

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Field Crop Scouting Techniques

Insect Pests


Common Insects

Stored Grain Insects

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Harvest, Storage & Handling

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Stored Grain Insects

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