2018 Kentucky Soybean Yield Contest Breaks State Record Despite Challenging Conditions Across Most of the State


By Carrie A. Knott

This year, Kentucky soybean producers have faced significant challenges. As of mid-December, there were still several thousands of acres of soybeans estimated to be in the field and not harvested. Despite these significant challenges, the Kentucky Soybean Yield Contest State Champion set a new record yield.


Waller Bros. Farms in Union county documented an amazing 108.39 bushels per acre. This is more than 0.6 bushels per acre greater than last year’s record yield entry and was grown in rain-fed (non-irrigated) conditions.  

There were also three additional entries that yielded more than 100 bushels per acre, all non-irrigated entries: Greenwell Acres in Henderson County (105.08 bushels per acre); O’Bryan Grain Farms in Daviess County (102.55 bushels per acre); and PPJ Thompson Farms (100.52 bushels per acre). 


Other highlights include ten full-season soybean entries that exceeded 90 bushels per acre and two double-crop entries that exceeded 70 bushels per acre.  

For the Soybean Seed Composition Quality Contest, David Denney of Wayne County had two separate winning entries. The first had the greatest Oil Content (20.02%) and the second had the greatest Protein Content (36.88%).

To view the entire results and cultural practices of the entries refer to the 2018 Kentucky Extension Soybean Production Contest Summary of Winners & Cultural Practices.