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Varietal Differences in Freeze Damage

The wheat varieties we grow in KY will respond differently to the extremely low temperatures we have experienced over the past few days. Several traits come into play but the most important thing for the grower to consider at this point is growth habit, which can range from completely prostrate to very upright.

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The University of Kentucky Wheat Science Group will hold a Wheat Field School – EMERGENCY
WHEAT FREEZE EVENT at the UKREC in Princeton KY. This free program consist of a series of short information sessions as well as a hands-on training to assess wheat damage in the field. UK specialists suggest that participants attending the meeting in Princeton bring whole plant wheat samples from their farm to assess and compare to non-damaged wheat.

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Freezing Temperatures Overnight May Damage Winter Wheat at Advanced Growth Stages in KY

Last night temperatures dipped to or below 24°F for several hours at many locations throughout Kentucky (Table 1). For winter wheat that has reached the jointing (Feekes 6) growth stage, damage (Figure 1) can occur to the developing wheat head, which is above the soil surface at jointing, when temperatures are 24°F or below for at least 2 hours. 

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