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Ryegrass Control in Wheat Begins at Planting

Italian ryegrass (AKA: annual ryegrass) continues to be a major weed in Kentucky wheat acres, and has arguably become tougher to control over the last several years. This spring in particular we observed numerous wheat fields in western and central Kentucky that had ryegrass escapes late in the season and at harvest.

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Wheat, WeedsJennifer Elwell
Be Aware When Making Postemergence Dicamba Applications

The month of June has arrived and so too will postemergence soybean applications, many of which are likely to contain the dicamba formulations of Xtendimax, Engenia, or FeXapan. As we approach these coming weeks when many of our dicamba application are likely to be applied it is time to have a refresher on the label restrictions and guidelines for applying these products.

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New Dicamba Products Receive Approval for Use in RR2Xtend Soybean

Two dicamba formulations, XtendiMaxTM (Monsanto) and EngeniaTM (BASF), received federal EPA approval in December for use with RoundupReady2Xtend soybean. In addition to federal registration, a pesticide must also be registered and approved within a state before it can be sold. The XtendiMaxTM product received state approval in early January for applications in Kentucky. The EngeniaTM product is still pending state approval, but is anticipated in the near future.

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Soybean, WeedsJennifer Elwell