Crops Marketing and Management Update

Grains and Forage Center of Excellence
Dr. Todd D. Davis
Assistant Extension Professor – Department of Agricultural Economics

August 26, 2019 Issue

Topics in this Month’s Update:

  1. August Crop Production Report Raises Questions about the Corn and Soybean Crops

  2. August WASDE Report: Larger than Expected Crops Destroys Corn and Soybean Markets

  3. Short-Term Precipitation and Temperature Outlook

  4. 2019 Corn and Soybean Condition and Progress

  5. 2018 Corn and Soybean Basis; and 2019 Wheat Basis vs. Previous Years

  6. Projected Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Futures Trading Ranges to July 2020

  7. Pre-Harvest 2019 Corn and Soybean Risk Management Opportunities

  8. 2019 Projected Return to Storage for Corn and Soybeans

  9. Post-Harvest 2019 Corn and Soybean Risk Management Opportunities

  10. Potential 2019-20 Corn and Soybean Stocks-to-Use and Price Potential

  11. Upcoming Grain Outlook and Risk Management Webinars

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