2019 Kentucky Extension Wheat Production Contest Rules

Entry Deadline is July 25, 2019 | Entry Form


The objectives of the contest are (1) to emphasize those production practices necessary for efficient and profitable wheat production, (2) to encourage producers to strive for higher, efficient yields, (3) to determine which practices produced the highest yields, and (4) to recognize those producers who achieved superior yields.

Who is Eligible to Enter

Any person who produces ten (10) acres or more of wheat in Kentucky. A producer may make more than one entry if the entries are from different fields or farms. However, a producer or farming unit will only be eligible for one (1) award.

Contest Classes

The contest will be divided into two (2) Divisions:

  • Division I: Conventional or Minimum tillage, and

  • Division II: No-tillage, defined as "wheat seeded into undisturbed soil (no preplant tillage of any form allowed) following harvest of corn or soybeans in the fall. The corn stalks may be chopped in some manner.”

Contest Requirements

  • Production Practices - A record of all production practices must be submitted with the yield certification form.

  • Acreage - A minimum of three (3) acres, all in Kentucky, must be harvested from a continuously planted area with four straight sides if possible. Reasonable variations will be acceptable.

  • Yield Determination - Official yields shall consist of the weight of the harvested wheat on certified public scales, corrected to 13.5% moisture and converted to bushels per acre. The County Extension Agent for Agriculture or designated representative is responsible for verifying the yield and agronomic data of each entry from that county.

  • Entry Deadlines - The Certified Agronomic Data and Yield Form should be completed and sent to the state office as soon as possible after harvest but no later than July 25, 2019 by the county extension agent or designated person.


(There may be a cash award to the Agent with the Highest Entry). Cash awards will be made only to those who attend the Annual Awards Banquet.

State Awards: The top entry in each Division will be awarded with the State Award. An appropriate trophy/plaque is awarded to the highest yield. The Traveling Trophy will be presented to the producer with the overall highest yield.

  • 1st Place State Champion: Division I – Tillage

  • 1st Place State Champion: Division II – No-Tillage

Area Awards: Top entry in each area not a state winner will be recognized. Awards will be given if enough entries are submitted.

  • Area 1 – Purchase and Pennyrile Areas

  • Area 2 – Green River Area

  • Area 3 – Mammoth Cave Area

  • Area 4 – Rest of State

Supervisor Awards: Two supervisor (2) awards shall be given

  • Top Average Yield: resulting from highest three (3) yields by one supervisor

  • Most Entries: must be at least four (4) entries to qualify