Soybean Seed Testing


Soybean seed quality may not be as strong this season. Most seed tags will list a standard germination value. That tells you how seed germinates in ideal conditions. This is a good year to test seed lots for accelerated aging, which is an indicator of how seeds will germinate in poor conditions. You can send samples to the UK Regulatory Services. Accelerated aging tests are $18 per sample. Standard germination tests are $11 per sample. Since the seed should have a standard germination test listed on the seed tag, you do not need to get another standard germination test with Regulatory Services.  

The low price of $18 per seed sample is extremely inexpensive compared with germination failure because low vigor seed was planted into stressful conditions. Each Kentucky farmer can get one test for free by filling out the Free Test form and including it with the Test Submittal form.  

SoybeanJennifer Elwell