UK Crops Marketing and Management Update

Topics in this Month’s Update:

1. USDA Releases Surprising Corn and Soybean Production Estimates – Once Again

2. WASDE Update: Market Reacts to Larger than Expected Crops

3. Projected Profitability for 2017 Row Crops and the Crop Insurance Safety Net

4. 2017 Corn and Soybean Basis vs. Previous Years – Implications for Storage

5. Comparing Storage Costs and Price Appreciation from October to Spring and Early Summer

6. Corn and Soybean Storage Risk Management Opportunities to June 2018

7. Comparing Harvest-Time and January Cash Forward Contract Bids and Managing Risk

8. Projected Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Futures Trading Ranges to Harvest 2018

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9. Post-Harvest Risk Management Game Plans for 2017 Corn and Soybeans

MarketingJennifer Elwell