2017 Kentucky Hybrid Corn Performance Test


The objective of the Kentucky Hybrid Corn Performance Test is to provide relative yield, seed quality, and crop health estimates of hybrid seed corn sold in Kentucky. The test attempts to treat every hybrid similarly in an unbiased manner. Agronomic practices that meet or exceed university guidelines are implemented at each location.

Complete 2017 data is presented for the tests across all locations and tests at each location. Two-and three-year averages for yield are included in each of the single location tables. Tables that include data over multiple years and/or from multiple locations provide a better indication of hybrid performance. If individual location data is used, it should be used in combination with a multiple location average. The multiple location tables present better estimates of hybrid yield ability than data gathered at a single location in one year. Comparisons between yields and other characteristics of any two or more hybrids should be made only with data from one table at a time. Hybrids are grouped into early, medium, late, and white tests based on relative maturity or trait characteristics. Hybrids that are likely to yield as high as the highest yielding hybrid, based on statistical evaluation, are shaded gray. See Hybrid Comparisons and Experimental Design and Mean Comparisons sections for more detail.

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