Wheat Science Newsletter - Special Freeze Issue

Varietal Differences in Freeze Damage

Yield Potential for Freeze Damaged Wheat

Assessing Winter Wheat Freeze Damage

Prolonged freezing temps could damage Kentucky crops

Winter Wheat Newsletter - February 2017

Freezing Temperatures Overnight May Damage Winter Wheat

Wheat: Earlier Aphid Occurance May Be Due to Warm 2017 Winter

Winter Wheat at Advanced Growth Stage due to Warm Winter

Don Halcomb Receives UK Wheat Science Service Award

NASS - Kentucky farmers harvested 32 million bushels of winter wheat during the summer of 2016, according to the Kentucky Field Office of USDA'S National Agricultural Statistics Service. This was down slightly from the previous year and up 6 percent from the August forecast. Yield is estimated at 80 bushels per acre, up 7 bushels from 2015 and up 6 from the August forecast. Farmers seeded 510,000 acres last fall, down 50,000 acres from 2015. Area harvested for grain totaled 400,000 acres. Acres for other uses totaled 110,000 acres and was used as cover crop for tobacco, cut as hay, chopped for silage or abandoned.

NASS Publishes Winter Wheat County Estimates

Check out the 2016 Small Grain Variety Trial Results

Preparing for Winter Wheat Planting Season

2016 Kentucky Wheat Yield Contest Winners Announced

Kentucky Winter Wheat Production Forecast down 8 percent from 2015

Miss the Field Day? Talks Available

Considerations for Fungicide Management of Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Wheat

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NASS-Ky Report as of Feb '17
14% Excellent​​

55% Good

18% Fair

7% Poor

3% Very Poor



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